Time for Class and Play

When your kid hits the school-going age, it is time to buy them the perfect pair of shoes. Remember they will be coming home from school after long hours and buying the wrong kid shoe size can cause a wide range of problems. You can avoid sores or blisters on your children’s feet by buying well-fitting shoes. At ShoeKid, we will help your child get the best pair of shoes, one that can withstand both unfavorable weather and rough surfaces.


Help Your Kid to Learn New Skills  

Elementary school is more than learning alphabet and basic mathematics. At school, kids also need to acquire new skills such as learning how to play soccer, basketball or other ubiquitous games. The following tips will help your child to develop new skills:


  • Encourage the child to play games that require formation of teams such as football or basketball.
  • Buy your little one a bike or a scooter and teach them how to ride at an early age.
  • Make them try trampoline over the weekends. It is a good way to exercise those fragile muscles on their feet.
  • Take your kids for a walk or a family bike ride and make it a remarkable experience for the kids.

As your child gets older, they might start asking you to buy them this toy or that pair of shoes. They are doing so because they are beginning to develop a sense of taste. At this stage, if you buy them shoes they don’t like, they will simply reject it or refuse to wear the shoes. At ShoeKid, we offer fun kid shoes that will take your child past this crucial stage.

Our shoes have these adorable qualities:

  • They are made of high quality, stylish, durable leather.
  • Light up shoes; make wearing them fun for the kids
  • They are made of soft leather that absorbs polish very well, making your kids’ shoes have a dazzling look.
  • The shoes come in different widths and shapes to provide every little foot its unique size.
  • Velcro allows kids to fasten and unfasten their shoes with ease.
  • Our shoes are light and well threaded so that kids can move around the premises without the risk of slipping.

Make sure that the shoes you buy for them at this age fit their feet properly. Equally important, endeavor to measure your kids’ feet every three months so that you know the right kid shoe size for them or contact us for proper sizing.