Baby’s Growing Fast

At this stage, your child is already involved in many activities such as skipping, jumping, and running, and their muscles and bones is accelerating even though they are still fragile. At this stage, we recommend that you get the proper fitting shoes for your kids.

You can select a broad range of shoes such as casual shoes, sandals and trainers for your kid who definitely is eager to walk. How can I do the selection? Don’t worry; we are here to help you figure it out.

Here is a list of activities that will help you to improve your child’s coordination:

  • Skating and balancing.
  • Doing simple chores, such as sweeping, with your kids helps to stimulate and build their muscles.
  • Teach them how to balance themselves during cycling and remove the training wheels when they have perfected the skill.
  • Engaging the kids in a game of basketball or netball also helps to improve their coordination.
  • Encourage your children to play with their peers. Doing so will of course increase their creativity.

Our Preschool shoes offers the following features:

  • We offer diverse colors tailored for children. We also know that parents like to see their children looking good.
  • Indoor Shoes for easy slip on. Here you can look at our our casual shoes or canvas shoes for kids selection.
  • Gym Shoes; ideal for athletic activities in the gym. Here you will find a good selection of quality breathable runners for kids. Check out our indoor gym shoes selection.
  • Outdoor shoes / runners; here you will find a selection, of winter boots, rain boots, waterproof runners, Fashion boots for kids.
  • Our breathable linings on the shoe surface allow aeration of the kid’s feet.
  • The leather used to make the shoes is durable, elegant, and high quality.
  • We have a broad range of kid shoe sizes – both in whole and in half sizes with medium or wide. This ensures that there is a suitable shoe pair for every child.
  • The shoes also have room for growth to allow for the growth of the toes. This will also allow your kids to wear the shoes for a long time before they outgrow them.

It is a good idea check your babies’ foot size every two months so that you can buy the right pair of shoes for them